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Our guests ;

PARKIM AYAZ HOTEL aims to provide products and services in accordance with nationally and internationally accepted standards and to ensure their sustainability;

  • To provide maximum satisfaction by determining the expectations and needs of our guests in advance,
  • To produce safe food by creating a hygienic environment in all processes, starting from the purchase of raw materials until our presentation to our guests,
  • To take measures to minimize waste by using our raw materials, energy and natural resources efficiently,
  • To provide safe and appropriate standard working and resting areas for our employees,
  • To take part in projects by cooperating with local public institutions, non-governmental organizations, communities,
  • To provide material and moral support to the announcement of local culture,
  • We will continue our work in a way that respects the natural resources of the region we are in and the life of the local people,
  • We are committed to continuous improvement in all activities we carry out for our growth targets in the tourism sector, with an open, transparent and professional management style, and to providing an effective and sustainable service by taking into account environmental, social and cultural impacts.