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The Bodrum Cup is held in D-Marin Turgutreis every September as the most comprehensive and entertaining festival of Bodrum and Turkey. The festival is a special event that brings together lovers of maritime and sailing sports while meeting with its fans with its opening concert and ceremony. Starting from the Turgutreis and Gümüşlük regions, the race is the only long-track race in Turkey and Bodrum.

Bodrum Cup has become an indispensable event for professionals of the maritime world, sailing enthusiasts and sea lovers. While there is a relentless struggle at sea, the participants immerse themselves in the excitement of the race and at the same time enjoy the beauties of the sea and Bodrum. In addition to sailing races, yacht cruises and various water sports are also held in Bodrum Cup.

While the festival offers an unforgettable experience for those who share their passion for maritime, colorful events and parties are organized on land. Participants can discover the unique beauties of Bodrum while contributing to the fun atmosphere of the festival with land activities.

Bodrum Cup highlights social interaction and entertainment as well as sailing. After the races and events, the participants come together to share their experiences, establish new friendships and accumulate pleasant memories. At the same time, the sailing races and events organized at the festival make important contributions to the spread and promotion of maritime sports.

Bodrum Cup also contributes to the recognition of Turkey and Bodrum in the international arena. The event, which also includes foreign participants, increases Bodrum’s tourism potential and attracts tourists who are interested in sailing. In this way, Bodrum becomes an important destination in both sailing and tourism.

The festival brings together those who are passionate about sailing as well as those who are interested in sailing, allowing them to spend a fun-filled day at sea and land activities. Bodrum Cup offers an unforgettable experience for sea lovers and those who want to discover the beauties of Bodrum.

As a result, Bodrum Cup offers sailing enthusiasts an unforgettable experience as the most comprehensive and entertaining festival in Bodrum and Turkey. The races, where a fierce struggle continues at sea, combine with the events and parties held on land to offer a colorful day to the participants. As one of the important events of the maritime world, Bodrum Cup contributes to the promotion and tourism of both Turkey and Bodrum. It is an unmissable opportunity for those who are passionate about sailing and want to discover the beauties of Bodrum.

Some suggestions for those who want to participate in Bodrum Cup:

Follow Event Dates: Bodrum Cup is held every year in September, but dates can change every year. By following the dates of the festival in advance, you can attend at a time that suits your plan.

Prepare Before Participating in the Race: For beginners in sailing, it is important to get special training and learn the basics for preparation for the race. Experienced sailors should check their boats and make the necessary maintenance before the race.

Plan Accommodation and Transportation: It is important to arrange accommodation and transportation to attend the event. You can stay in a hotel in Bodrum or arrange accommodation in a nearby area. You can also avoid unnecessary stress by planning for transportation to the venue.

Bring Necessary Things with You: To participate in the race, do not forget your basic needs such as suitable clothes for sailing, sun protection measures such as sunscreen, hat, and water.

Evaluate Entertainment and Events: Bodrum Cup is not just about races. Various events and parties organized on land also make up the enjoyable side of the festival. You can have fun by participating in the activities included in the event program.

Take Photos and Videos: Bring a camera or camcorder with you to create unforgettable memories. You can always remember your good memories thanks to the photos and videos you took during the race and at the events.

Be Careful and Safe: It is very important to be careful and safe during races and events. Using your equipment correctly, being in harmony with other racers at sea and following maritime rules ensure a safe racing experience.

Experience the Team Spirit: Competing in the Bodrum Cup is usually done as a team. Experiencing the team spirit, working in harmony with your teammates and celebrating success together provides a pleasant experience.

Respect the Environment: It is important to be sensitive to the environment and take precautions against environmental pollution in this event where you experience the beauties of nature. It is the responsibility of each participant to collect waste regularly and protect nature.

Have a pleasant time: Bodrum Cup is a fun-filled and enjoyable event where maritime enthusiasts come together. Besides the races and events, you can spend an unforgettable time discovering the beauties of Bodrum.

You can find the date and program information at


Besides being a region famous for its natural beauties and rich cultural heritage, Bodrum also draws attention with its local herbs. These unique herbs are carefully selected by Bodrum chefs and local producers and brought to the tables with different cooking techniques. The festival offers visitors a rich experience by presenting local designs and products, which are handcrafted, as well as traditional tastes.

Bodrum Ivy Grass Festival is an important event that is held every year in the Ortakent neighborhood of Bodrum and attracts great attention from guests from Bodrum and the surrounding towns. The festival is a platform where delicious herbs, carefully selected from local producers and prepared with natural products, are brought together. At the event, delicious meals prepared with different cooking methods of local herbs are presented to the visitors.

Bodrum’s natural riches, the flavor of local herbs and carefully prepared recipes are the cornerstones of the festival. While discovering special and unique tastes at this festival, visitors also have the opportunity to meet local designs and products. These handcrafted products are valuable works that reflect the cultural heritage of the region.

By emphasizing the importance of Bodrum’s local herbs and local cuisine, the festival contributes to the gastronomic tourism of the region. The contribution of local producers and the use of carefully selected natural products play a big role in the flavor and diversity of the event. At the same time, the festival adds color to Bodrum’s cultural and social life.

Bodrum Ivy Grass Festival attracts the attention of tourists and local people by promoting the special herbs and natural products grown in the region. The festival is a unique opportunity for those who want to discover the natural beauties and local flavors of Bodrum. By participating in the festival, visitors have the opportunity to taste delicious dishes prepared with traditional methods and handmade products, while experiencing the cultural texture and richness of the region.

In conclusion, Bodrum Ivy Grass Festival is an important event where local herbs and natural products are carefully selected and organized to promote Bodrum’s rich cuisine. Visitors have an unforgettable experience while discovering local flavors and cultural richness at this festival. Attending the Bodrum Ivy Grass Festival is an unmissable opportunity for those who want to get to know Bodrum’s natural beauties and rich cuisine.

Suggestions for those who want to attend the festival:

Follow Event Date: The festival is held every year, but its dates are subject to change. Make a plan according to your schedule by following the dates of the festival in advance.

Book Early: If you are planning to stay in Bodrum during the festival, it is recommended to book early. Because during the festival period, the demand for the region may increase and accommodation places may be full.

Examine the Festival Program: Make a plan to attend the events you are interested in by reviewing the events and screenings in the festival program in advance. You can take part in the events to be organized during the festival, discover the flavor of local herbs and examine local design products.

Taste Local Flavors: The festival is a great opportunity to experience the flavor of local herbs. You can discover the rich cuisine of the region by tasting local dishes and desserts prepared with bitter herbs.

Examine Local Design Products: You can purchase a few of the special works that reflect the cultural texture of the region by examining the local design and handmade products exhibited within the scope of the festival. These products can be unique gifts that reflect Bodrum’s rich cultural heritage.

Have a Camera and Notebook With You: Be sure to collect good memories during the festival. You can immortalize pleasant moments with the camera, and note the recipes and local design products that interest you with a notepad.

Participate in Local Art and Music: You can experience the cultural richness of the region more closely by participating in local art events and music performances to be held during the festival.

Weather and Clothing: By following the weather, take care to choose suitable clothes for the festival.

Plan Public Transportation and Transportation: Plan in advance how you will reach the festival area and how you will provide transportation during the festival. Public transportation vehicles and minibuses are the most frequently used transportation methods.

Be Prepared for Outdoor Events: Many events of the festival will be held in open air areas.


The Tangerine Festival, which is held in Bodrum’s Bitez District and Dereköy every year in the second week of January, is one of the most enjoyable and colorful events of the region. The festival is an enthusiastic event where locals and tourists come together to celebrate the abundance and flavor of tangerines. While the participants enjoy picking tangerines from their branches by going to the tangerine orchards, they enjoy this unique citrus fruit to the fullest.

The festival begins with the speeches of the local rulers and continues throughout a day filled with the tangerine harvest. Manufacturers and non-governmental organizations exhibit fresh tangerines and other products made from tangerines in their stands. In these stands, jams, cookies, sweets and other delicious snacks made from tangerines are offered to the visitors of the festival. At the same time, traditional foods prepared from local herbs also contribute to the flavor diversity of the festival.

One of the sine qua non of the Tangerine Festival is that the local songs and music add a different joy and enthusiasm to the festival. Local artists and folk music groups create a colorful atmosphere throughout the event and provide visitors with unforgettable moments. During the festival, fun activities filled with dances are organized to ensure that the participants have a pleasant time.

Organized with the slogan “Bodrum Without Tangerines Is Not Bodrum”, the festival receives intense participation from Bodrum and the surrounding towns. Local people come together in this colorful event to celebrate the abundance of tangerines and the local flavors of Bodrum. At the same time, the festival provides a good opportunity for tourists to get to know the local culture and natural beauties of the region.

The Tangerine Festival, besides being an important cultural event for the region, also contributes to the local economy. The festival supports the marketing and promotion of local tangerine products by promoting the production of the local people. It also increases the number of visitors to the region by stimulating the tourism sector.

Some suggestions for our guests attending the festivals:

Follow the Date and Program: Follow the history of the Tangerine Festival in advance and attend the event at a time that suits its schedule.

Harvest in the Tangerine Gardens: When you attend the festival, do not miss the opportunity to go to the tangerine orchards and collect the tangerines from the branch. Enjoy the garden atmosphere while picking fresh and delicious tangerines with your own hands.

Taste Local Delicacies: Taste tangerine jams, cookies and desserts prepared by local producers at the stands opened in the festival area. Also, try other delicacies prepared from local herbs and take a journey to the local delicacies of Bodrum.

Participate in Events and Activities: Spend a pleasant day by participating in the events and activities organized throughout the festival. Discover Bodrum’s cultural richness by watching local music and dance performances.

Take a Photo: The tangerine harvest festival is a colorful and enjoyable event. Don’t forget to take photos to immortalize your unforgettable memories.

Buy Local Products: Contribute to the economy of the region by purchasing tangerines and products made from tangerines from the stands opened by local producers in the festival area.

Pay Attention to the Environment: Be sensitive to the environment in the event area and regularly throw your garbage in the trash cans. It is our responsibility to protect natural beauties.

Join with Family and Friends: The Tangerine Harvest Festival is an enjoyable event to attend with family or friends. You can get together with your loved ones and collect beautiful memories.

Make a Trip Plan: Plan details such as transportation and accommodation before attending the event. So you can make the most of the festival.

Experience Traditional Rituals: The tangerine harvest festival is a good opportunity to experience local customs and rituals. You can join this traditional practice by hanging your wishes on a tangerine branch.

Geleneksel Ritüelleri Yaşayın: Mandalina hasat şenliği, yerel gelenek ve ritüelleri yaşamak için güzel bir fırsattır. Mandalina dalına dileklerinizi asarak bu geleneksel uygulamaya katılabilirsiniz.


Every year in the first week of october, the “Global Rub Bodrum” event, which offers the opportunity to run for goodness in the magnificent nature of Bodrum, offers an unforgettable experience for those who want to experience the excitement of a half marathon. In this special organization, the 5K, 10K and 21K half marathon tracks fascinate the runners in the company of the beauties of nature. Organized events, boat tours, pasta parties and DJ performances add fun and diversity to the marathon experience. If you want to run in this enjoyable marathon, don’t forget to make your registration on time.

“Global Rub Bodrum” is an unmissable event if you like running and want to participate in charity. The opportunity to run between the unique beauties of Bodrum and the turquoise sea offers the participants an unforgettable experience intertwined with nature. With half marathon, 10K or 5K options, every runner has the chance to choose a track that suits his/her own capacity.

The activity is not limited to the running experience only; It also offers social events to the participants. Boat tours allow you to enjoy the sea view with pleasant cruises on the sea. Pasta parties are organized for the runners to recharge their energy and have a pleasant time together. DJ performances add an atmosphere of fun and music to the event.

Another important feature of the participants in this marathon is that they run for charity. The purpose of the event is to support projects for the benefit of society and to raise awareness. With this organization, runners both give importance to their own health and have the chance to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Pre-registration is required to join Global Rub Bodrum. Since the number of event participants is limited, you can guarantee your place by registering on time. Registration procedures and event details are published on the official website of the organization.

In conclusion, Global Rub Bodrum is an event that offers an unforgettable marathon experience intertwined with the beauties of nature. The 5K, 10K and 21K half marathon tracks offer running options for different difficulty levels. At the same time, the marathon, supported by boat tours, pasta parties, DJ performances and social events, gives the participants the chance to both do sports and do good. If you want to experience this pleasant experience, you can participate in this magnificent event by completing your registration on time.

Suggestions for participating in the Bodrum Global Run event:

Check Registration and Event Details: To attend the event, visit the official website for information about registration and event details. Starting the registration process early is important to ensure your place.

Choose the Appropriate Running Track: Bodrum Global Run has tracks of different lengths. Choose the track that suits you, taking into account your running experience and physical capacity. You can choose between 5K, 10K or 21K half marathons.

Train: It is important to train regularly before participating in the event. Increase your fitness and improve your running performance with a training program suitable for the track you will run.

Ideal Clothing and Shoes: Choose comfortable and appropriate clothing while running. Balance your body temperature by choosing light and sweat-absorbent clothing. Also, make sure your running shoes are comfortable and provide proper support.

Pay Attention to Nutrition: Pay attention to your nutrition before and during the event. Take care to consume a light and balanced meal, especially before running. Do not forget about water and nutritional supplements to maintain your energy level during the run.

Event Day Preparation: It is important to start the event day without experiencing stress by getting up early and providing your transportation to the event area on time. Also, do not forget to take water and other necessities with you throughout the event.

Explore the Event Space: Take time to explore other events and social events during your time at the event space. You can have a fun experience with activities such as boat tours, pasta parties and DJ performances.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions: If you have any questions about the event, do not hesitate to ask the organization team. You can make the most of the event by getting the necessary information and guidance.

Enjoy and Pay Attention to Safety: Bodrum Global Run, besides being a fun and enjoyable event, also prioritizes your safety. Know your own limits and enjoy without getting into a compulsive pace.

Share With Your Friends: Spending the day of the event with your friends and loved ones can offer a more enjoyable experience. Running with them or taking advantage of the event’s social activities together can help you create unforgettable memories.

You can reach the date and program of the event a


Bodrum Traditional Camel Wrestling is held every year in the last week of December or the first week of January, in the Kızılağaç village of Bodrum as a long-established and centuries-old tradition. It stands out as a colorful and exciting event with the participation of approximately 150 camels from the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara regions.

In this special event, people called cazgırlar announce the camel owners and camels with eulogies accompanied by mani. Mouth bagcı, urgancı and drum zurna players take their places in the square and add movement to the rhythm of the wrestling. Unique music played by drums and zurnas adapts to the rhythm of the wrestling camels and increases the enthusiasm of wrestling.

Camel wrestling is considered a deep-rooted tradition and cultural heritage that has survived centuries ago. This event, which is a legacy of our ancestors and an important legacy passed on to future generations, is an important social event where the villagers come together and reinforce their sense of solidarity and fun.

Before the start of the competition, the wrestler performs the traditional ritual called kispet throwing by circling the wrestling field with the camel owners and their camels. This ritual is a practice that is believed to be successful and fruitful in wrestling.

In the wrestling field, an exciting competition takes the stage and a struggle begins between the wrestlers and camels. If the camels make each other scream, kidnap, touch or wash their havoutu to the ground, they are considered victorious. With the signal of the referee, the winning camel is announced by the cazgır enthusiastically and they celebrate their success.

Camel wrestling is not only a competition, but also an important reflection of tradition and culture. At this event, you can taste traditional flavors, experience local culture and music, and immerse yourself in the rhythm of wrestling. Bodrum Traditional Camel Wrestling is an important event that contributes to keeping traditional values alive and transferring them to future generations. Let’s enjoy the deep-rooted heritage at this unique festival and have a pleasant time filled with the beauties of Bodrum.

Suggestions for those who will participate in Bodrum Traditional Camel Wrestling:

Track the Dates in Advance: Follow the organizing dates of Bodrum Traditional Camel Wrestling in advance and plan for Bodrum in a time frame suitable for the festival. The event is usually held in the last week of December or the first week of January.

Check the Event Program: Check the festival’s event program to learn about the start times of wrestling and other events in advance. Thus, you can increase your chances of participating in the events you want.

Taste Local Tastes: There will be booths in the festival area where you can experience local delicacies. You can discover the rich cuisine of Bodrum by tasting local delicacies while watching the wrestling.

Enjoy Music and Dance: Take your place in the event area to watch traditional music and dance performances accompanied by drums and zurna. These enthusiastic events will allow you to experience fun moments accompanying wrestling.

Join the Excitement of Wrestling: While watching the camel wrestling, join the wrestling camels’ fight and the announcements of the cadres. Take an active part in the competitions to experience the exciting atmosphere.

Take Photos and Videos: Don’t forget to take photos and videos during the wrestling and events to immortalize your unforgettable memories. These memories, which immortalize unique moments, will make your festival experience even more special.

Watch Traditional Rituals: Take time to watch traditional rituals performed before wrestling. Traditional practices such as kispet throwing and mass prayer are valuable for understanding the meaning and significance of the event.

Spend Fun Time with Your Children: The event offers a pleasant environment where you can participate as a family. You can have a fun time with your children and collect unforgettable memories.

Consider It Can Be Crowded: Bodrum Traditional Camel Wrestling is a well-attended event, so it can be crowded. For this reason, be prepared before going to the event area and take care to go early.

Discover Natural Beauties: Find the opportunity to discover the natural beauties in the region where the festival is held. Enjoying the beauties of Bodrum full of unique beaches and historical places, besides the festival


With the arrival of September every year, the Bodrum Karaova Vintage Festival begins as an enthusiastic event that the locals eagerly await. The festival starts with a cortege march in Bodrum’s central Kumbahçe neighborhood in the first week of September. This colorful walk is one of the unforgettable moments where locals and visitors come together and share the enthusiasm of the festival.

The festival is full of rich events held in various venues such as Mumcular Kalem Park, Mumcular Atatürk Square and Dörttepe Village. Each event leaves unforgettable memories to the participants with its fun and colorful atmosphere that reflects the spirit of the festival. Traditional dance performances, concerts, competitions and other cultural events color the festival area and give the participants a pleasant time.

Bodrum Karaova Vintage Festival also turns into a market place where local products and handicrafts are exhibited. In the festival area, there are stands where local handmade products, organic agricultural products and other local delicacies are offered for sale. This opportunity provides visitors with the opportunity to both discover and purchase local products.

The main theme of the festival is the traditional Karaova Vintage. Viticulture and grape harvesting have been an important source of livelihood in the region for many years, and the festival is held to celebrate these precious traditions. While the vintage events take place in a festive atmosphere, the participants have the chance to experience this traditional process closely.

Bodrum Karaova Vintage Festival is a traditional event where local people live in unity and solidarity. The festival reflects the efforts of the people of the region to keep their heritage alive and to pass it on to future generations. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to share and celebrate Bodrum’s cultural diversity by hosting visitors from different places.

As a result, Bodrum Karaova Vintage Festival is an enthusiastic event held every year in September, where local people celebrate the traditional viticulture culture. Starting with the cortege march, the festival hosts colorful events in venues such as Mumcular Kalem Park, Mumcular Atatürk Square and Dörttepe Village. The market area, where local products and handicrafts are exhibited, makes the festival even more attractive for visitors. Bodrum Karaova Vintage Festival is a special event that offers the opportunity to both keep the traditions alive and celebrate and have fun together.

Some suggestions for those who want to attend the Bodrum Karaova Vintage Festival:

Examine the Event Program: Check out the event program of the festival in advance and find out which events are held on which days. You can get the most out of the festival by choosing the cortege walk, concerts, dance performances and other events that suit your interests.

Accommodation and Transportation Arrangements: You may need an accommodation to stay in Bodrum during the festival. For this reason, I recommend that you search for a hotel or accommodation option suitable for the festival date and make a reservation in advance. At the same time, do not forget to arrange your transportation plan for how to reach the festival area and return.

Take Your Necessities With You During the Festival: Wear comfortable clothes during the festival because events are usually held outdoors. You can have a comfortable festival experience by taking sun protection items such as sunscreen, hat and water with you. Also, carrying cash will be handy to buy local products at the stands in the festival area.

Try Local Tastes: Bodrum Karaova Vintage Festival has a market area where local delicacies and handmade products are exhibited. You can experience the local culture up close by tasting the wines of the region and other local products. At the same time, you can enjoy traditional flavors by trying local dishes.

Photo Shoots and Memories: Do not forget to take your camera or phone with you to immortalize the memories you will spend at the festival. Since the events will be full of colorful and enjoyable moments, photographing these moments will be a good way to remember them later.

Interaction with Local People: Bodrum Karaova Vintage Festival is an event where local people celebrate their traditional culture. In the festival area, you can find the opportunity to interact with the local people and learn about their lives, traditions and cultures. This interaction will make your visit more meaningful and instructive.

Keep an Open Mind for an Enjoyable Festival Experience: Bodrum Karaova Vintage Festival can sometimes be full of unexpected surprises, as it is a local event. Therefore, keep an open mind and be ready for new experiences. You can enjoy the festival while respecting the local culture and traditions.


Slow Cheese Bodrum International Cheese Festival, organized by Bodrum Municipality and Slow Food Yaveş Gari Bodrum Association in the second week of April every year, takes place at Oasis Shopping Center as a festival of cheese and local flavors. The festival is a magnificent event that brings cheese lovers and gastronomy lovers together. Attendees enjoy a full-fledged festival while witnessing an unforgettable experience at the stands of more than 400 local delicacies and cheese makers. The festival, which is full of rich content such as tasting events, cheese production trips, workshops, panels, exhibitions, talks and cultural trips, offers a unique opportunity to explore the world of cheese and delicacies.

Slow Cheese Bodrum International Cheese Festival is a gathering where local cheeses and local flavors come to the fore. At the stands in the Oasis Shopping Center, distinguished cheese producers from Bodrum and its surroundings offer their unique tastes to the visitors. While the participants of the festival have the opportunity to taste different types of cheese, they embark on an unforgettable gastronomic journey by experiencing the unique tastes of local flavors.

The event is not only limited to tasting experiences, but also offers participants a rich learning and sharing environment with activities such as cheesemaking trips and workshops. Thanks to the cheese production tours, the participants have the opportunity to get to know the production processes of cheese closely and are inspired by the experiences of local producers. The workshops provide practical information on the preparation of cheese and delicacies, allowing participants to make their own cheese.

The festival also hosts panels, exhibitions and talks. Experts and expert speakers present important information about cheese and food culture. Participants gain awareness of the food industry and the importance of local flavors and are enriched with new perspectives in these panels and conversations.

Slow Cheese Bodrum International Cheese Festival is an important reflection of not only cheese and flavors, but also local culture and traditions. The cultural excursions organized during the festival make the participants witness the rich history and heritage of the region. Thus, this magnificent event, which combines gastronomy and culture, brings the participants together with unforgettable memories and many discoveries.

As a result, Slow Cheese Bodrum International Cheese Festival is a special event that takes place in Bodrum as a feast of cheese and local tastes. Filled with tasting events, cheese production tours, workshops, panels and cultural trips, this festival awaits gastronomy enthusiasts and everyone in search of taste. Organized every year, this delightful event invites those who want to discover the local flavors of Bodrum and step into the magical world of cheese.

Some suggestions for those who will attend the Slow Cheese Bodrum International Cheese Festival:

Follow the Date of the Event: Follow the history of the Slow Cheese Bodrum International Cheese Festival in advance and attend the event at a time that suits your schedule. The event is usually held in the second week of April.

Discover Cheese and Flavor Stands: Have the opportunity to visit the cheese and flavor stands in the festival area and taste different types of cheese and local delicacies. The cheeses carefully prepared by local producers can offer unique flavors that will appeal to your taste buds.

Join Cheese Making Excursions: Take part in cheese making excursions organized as part of the event. Find the opportunity to get to know the cheese making processes of local producers and learn this craft from their masters.

Participate in Workshops: Participate in workshops on cheese and delicacies. Experience it yourself by learning the cheese making techniques and the preparation of local delicacies in the company of experts.

Participate in Panels and Talks: Get important information about cheese and food culture by participating in the panels and talks organized at the event. Thanks to expert speakers, you can gain a different perspective in the world of cheese and flavors.

Discover Bodrum with Cultural Trips: Join the cultural tours organized as part of the festival and witness the rich history of the region. Find the opportunity to get to know Bodrum’s historical and cultural heritage closely.

Have Fun at the Festival Area: Participate in the entertainment activities organized in the festival area. Experience Bodrum’s energy and joy to the fullest at the festival, which is full of music, dance and colorful events.

Take Photos and Videos: Capture the moments of the event by taking photos and videos. Record your good memories to remember the pleasant moments and tastes of the festival.

Be Environmentally Sensitive: Be environmentally friendly during your stay in the festival area and regularly throw your garbage in the trash cans. It is our responsibility to protect natural beauties.

Support Local Producers: Support local producers by visiting their stands at the event. You can contribute to the local economy by buying the products of local producers.


Bodrum is a unique geography that stands out with its maritime tradition and cabotage festival celebrations. This special day, which starts on the 1st of July every year and is celebrated with a series of events, officially begins with the wreath laying ceremony held at Bodrum Municipality Square. Maritime and cabotage celebrations aim to raise awareness about the love of the sea and cabotage, while paying homage to the maritime history of the region.

One of the most remarkable events of the celebrations is the water show at Bodrum’s magnificent cruise port. The colorful and impressive water show attracts great attention among sailors and visitors. This show, performed with the harmony of water fountains and music, becomes one of the unforgettable memories of maritime lovers.

In addition, tug-of-war and swimming races are organized as part of the celebrations. In Bodrum, which is an important place for sea sports, participants test their strength and endurance with tug-of-war races. Swimming races, on the other hand, take place in the cool waters of the sea and provide pleasant moments to those who are intertwined with maritime.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the celebrations is the award ceremony. The achievements of the winners and participants in the races are rewarded. This award ceremony adds color to the celebrations in accordance with the meaning of the maritime and cabotage festival.

Traditional keskek pilaf is served at the last stage of the celebrations. Keskek pilaf, which is among the delicious local dishes of Bodrum, offers the festival participants a taste of local delicacies. This treat increases the enthusiasm of the celebrations and the happiness of the moments spent together.

The maritime and cabotage festival celebrations are an important event that reflects Bodrum’s cultural identity integrated with the sea. While the participants share their love of the sea and maritime passion, they have pleasant moments in fun activities. These special celebrations, full of races, water shows, awards ceremony and traditional treats, are a meaningful event that glorifies Bodrum’s rich maritime heritage and increases the love of the sea.

As a result, the Maritime and Cabotage Festival celebrations, which started with a wreath laying ceremony at Bodrum Municipality Square and continued with a series of events such as a water show, tug-of-war, swimming races at the cruise port, end with the traditional keskek pilaf. This special day offers the opportunity to celebrate the maritime enthusiasts and Bodrum’s cultural identity integrated with the sea. Everyone who attends the celebrations filled with Bodrum’s unique beauties and love of the sea will have an unforgettable experience and increase respect for the maritime heritage.

Some suggestions for those who want to attend Bodrum Maritime and Cabotage Festival:

Follow Event Dates: Bodrum Maritime and Cabotage Festival is held on the 1st of July every year. By following the event date in advance, you can attend at a time that suits your plan.

Participate in the Wreath Laying Ceremony: The official opening of the feast is made with the wreath laying ceremony held at Bodrum Municipality Square. By participating in this meaningful ceremony, you can pay homage to the maritime tradition and the importance of the cabotage festival.

Watch the Water Show: The water show held at Bodrum’s magnificent cruise port offers a visual feast. You can experience impressive moments by watching this show made with the harmony of water fountains and music.

Join the Sea Races: You can experience the excitement of sea sports by participating in the tug-of-war and swimming races organized as part of the event. You can have a pleasant time by making the necessary preparations before participating in the races.

Don’t Miss the Award Ceremony: The award ceremony, in which the winners of the races are awarded, increases the enthusiasm of the maritime and cabotage festival. By attending the ceremony, you can celebrate successes and come together with maritime enthusiasts.

Try Traditional Keskek Rice: The traditional keskek pilaf, which is held at the last stage of the celebrations, is one of the local flavors of Bodrum. You can discover the taste of local cuisine by trying this delicious pilaf.

Reflect Love of the Sea and Environmental Awareness: The maritime and cabotage festival celebrates the love of the sea and maritime culture, as well as cares about environmental awareness. As participants, it is important to treat the environment with respect and be sensitive to environmental pollution.

Enjoy Activities: Bodrum Maritime and Cabotage Festival is a special event where love of the sea and fun come together. Enjoy the events as participants, make new friendships and have fun-filled moments with maritime enthusiasts and sea lovers.

Be Prepared for Sea Sports: If you are going to participate in sea sports such as tug-of-war and swimming races, be prepared with appropriate clothing and equipment. You can enjoy sports by taking care of safety.

Take Photos and Videos: Bring a camera or camcorder with you to immortalize this special event. Thanks to the photos and videos you took at the festival, you can always remember your unforgettable memories.