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Our aim is;

Our aim is to provide benefits to our guests through high quality service, economic benefit to the region we live in, social cohesion and local employment, and to protect our environment.

Our goals;

  • To reveal our risks and to go further for our guests and employees,
  • To minimize our negative impact on the environment by reducing our unnecessary use of energy, waste and water,
  • Providing economic benefits for the destination by providing job opportunities to the people of the region and purchasing goods and services from local sources,
  • To create innovations that continuously increase employee and guest satisfaction,
  • To be a life-friendly hotel that is sensitive to the eco-system, can preserve wildlife, and is surrounded by endemic plant species,
  • To be more sensitive to the environment by recycling the waste materials that come out during our operation.

Our History;

  • PARKIM AYAZ HOTEL is honored to welcome its guests with an incredibly attractive and spacious atmosphere where two relative hotels unite under one roof, where blue and green meet.
  • Our hotel is located on an area of 15.000 m2 in Gumbet, the center of entertainment, one of the most popular bays of the Bodrum Peninsula, with 237 rooms, 250 m beach, 3 pools, 1 Main Restaurant, 2 A’la Carte Restaurants, 5 bars and a large garden. It provides service with its atmosphere and location that will enable its guests to have fun and rest.
  • Since our company was founded in 1989, it has an important place in the Aegean Region due to the practices it has carried out in the field of environment. As our company and all our employees, it is important for us to use our natural resources effectively and to protect the environment by preventing pollution.
  • We have; In addition to the Safe Tourism certificate, we work for new certificates and awards every year. In addition, our hotel has been awarded the Zero Waste Certificate with its environmental awareness activities. The most important reason for this work we have done is; It is our respect for our hotel, our guests staying in our hotel, our employees and our environment.
  • We are aware of the contribution of our activities to our environment and our world.
  • We also believe that the quality of our natural resources and the management style of these natural resources are very important factors that ensure sustainability in tourism development, both in the short term and in the long term.

Our Responsible Tourism Incentives in Our Region;

  • As PARKIM AYAZ hotel, we aim to provide more economic and social benefits for tourism and business world with Bodrum Chamber of Commerce, Bodrum Promotion Foundation and Bodrum Hoteliers Association of which we are members. Local communities are always our resource.


  • Our hotel also works with local schools and universities to provide work experience opportunities.

Promotion ;

  • Introducing Bodrum also means introducing our hotel. We work with the Bodrum Promotion Foundation to promote our hotel Bodrum, and contribute to the promotion of Bodrum and Bodrum’s local culture and history by participating in international fairs.
  • Our hotel always reflects the culture it belongs to. We have an information board, barcode system and website so that our guests staying at our hotel can get information about our local history and culture.

Employment ;

It is our preference that the personnel working in our PARKIM AYAZ hotel are from the local people. Our aim in this matter is to spend the money earned in the local economy. Also, our hotel encourages locals to look for jobs in their city.

Our Donation and Charity Policy

  • Our hotel provides financial and moral support to local events and international sports and art activities in Bodrum. The promotion of Bodrum in the international arena is always important to us.
  • By sponsoring local sports activities, we aim to increase local sports activities and strengthen relations with the local community. We are given the opportunity to exhibit the handicrafts of our region in designated areas within our hotel.
  • Our hotel is in contact with all municipalities, public institutions and non-governmental organizations and supports local problems and projects.

Our Environmental Responsibility Policy

  • Our hotel has taken the necessary precautions on many issues from recycling solid wastes and vegetable waste oils to the use of renewable energy on this road we set out with the aim of minimizing the effects of tourism on our environment.
  • Recycling and buying environmentally friendly products is our priority.
  • New technologies are followed by our hotel management and environmentally friendly investments are made. Necessary work continues for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.
  • We have made it our management style to reduce waste by using our raw materials, energy and natural resources efficient For this reason , we segregate the resulting additives according to their source , group and hazard class , deliver them to licensed companies in separate warehouses , without exceeding the legal storage time limit , keep the records , and carry out reduction studies on a regular basis . Our hotel has Zero Waste certificate.
  • It is important for us to receive training on the use of hazardous materials and chemicals, and to reduce the amount of waste and its negative effects on the environment by ensuring that they are used as much as necessary.
  • We work to raise the environmental awareness of our employees , guests , suppliers and local people .
  • We provide environmental trainings to our employees and try to make projects that increase our employee and guest awareness.
  • We act in accordance with legal regulations and periodically monitor our performance in environmental management . Raising our targets and increasing our performance is our priority .
  • We try to save water , energy and all natural resources with various measures we take in our hotel . We share the measures we take with our staff , guests and suppliers .
  • It is important for us to play an active role in the transition to low carbon emissions, taking into account the holistic effects of climate change on economic and social welfare and growth.
  • We take care to protect the ecological balance by giving importance to wildlife and biodiversity.
  • We always contribute to environmental projects in order to leave a more livable environment for our future generations.

Our vision ;

To create a cleaner nature and a business that is sensitive to its region and works in harmony with its local people for our present and future.





Our PARKIM AYAZ HOTEL, which aims to provide products and services in accordance with internationally accepted standards and to ensure their sustainability;

To ensure internal and external stakeholder satisfaction by taking into account the developing quality standards specific to the sector,

To provide environmentally and socially conscious service in accordance with the conditions of global competition, taking into account the country and region conditions,

To ensure continuous improvement of the products and services provided in order to realize its vision,

To improve the infrastructure and resources necessary for the increase and development of the ability to adapt to innovations and to ensure their effective use,

It is important for us to develop cooperation with national and international organizations in order to maximize the services provided and increase the success.

Continuity of Guest Satisfaction and Food Safety;

  • To provide maximum satisfaction by determining the expectations and needs of our guests in advance,
  • To have defined the necessary methods so that our guests can easily convey their complaints and requests to us,
  • To produce safe food by creating a hygienic environment in all processes from raw material purchase to presentation to our guests.
  • We undertake to comply with the legal regulations and requirements related to our sector.

Continuity of Employee and Local Relations;

  • To provide our employees with safe and appropriate standard working areas.
  • To ensure that our employees benefit from equal rights regardless of gender, religion, language, race, ethnicity and physical disability.
  • To ensure that children are protected against all neglect and abuse as an organization that respects human and child rights.
  • To continuously improve the individual competencies of our employees through in-house and external training programs
  • In line with our goal of “zero work accident” and “zero occupational disease”, to ensure the health and safety conditions of our employees, to determine the dangers that may arise, unsafe situations that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases, to take the necessary measures and to carry out activities to eliminate and reduce them,
  • To take part in projects, to provide financial support by cooperating with local public institutions, non-governmental organizations, communities,
  • To provide material and moral support to the announcement of local culture,
  • To guide our guests to discover our local natural and historical beauties,
  • We undertake that we will continue to work in a manner that respects the natural resources of our region and the lives of local people .

We are committed to continuous improvement with an open, transparent and professional management style in all activities we carry out for our growth targets in the tourism sector, and to provide an effective and sustainable service by taking environmental, social and cultural effects into account.


According to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted on 20.November 1989, every human being up to the age of 18 is defined as a child.

Child labor is not employed in our hotel and it is important for us that all our business partners have the same awareness .

It is ensured that all children staying in our hotel stay in a safe and sheltered environment so that they can have a pleasant time regardless of gender, ability, race, origin, status or age.

Our child rights policy has been announced to our guests , stakeholders and all our staff .

We provide training to our employees on the prevention and recognition of child abuse .

In cases where we witness suspicious acts related to children , the General Manager is informed , and we seek help from official institutions when deemed necessary .

We organize trainings and support projects to raise awareness about the protection of children’s rights.

Children are our future…


Our employees in our hotel are not discriminated against on the basis of race, nationality, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, union membership or political belief. The principle of equal pay for equal work is adopted .

Recruitment, wages, training opportunities, promotion, termination of employment or retirement are standard for every employee.

Women’s participation in the workforce is supported by all our departments and we offer equal conditions.

Working and accommodation conditions of all our employees, regardless of gender, are safe, hygienic and comfortable.

We provide the necessary environment for our employees to benefit equally from our training opportunities and career opportunities .

Our hotel management supports the trainings requested by our employees .

We create working conditions and a lodging environment that maintains work-family life balance.

Women should never be abused, harassed, discriminated against, suppressed, coerced, slandered, etc

We do not allow ourselves to be exposed to situations.

We are always aware of and supporters of the value they add to our PARKIM AYAZ HOTEL.


Our PARKIM AYAZ HOTEL has prepared the appropriate infrastructure to enable our disabled guests to easily access their rooms, pool, beach, restaurants and bars.

Our hotel also cooperates with the Bodrum Health Foundation in our local area, making financial and moral contributions to provide opportunities for our local disabled people.

Suitable working areas have been created for the comfort and convenience of our disabled employees.

Our PARKIM AYAZ HOTEL will continue to work to provide a barrier-free environment for our disabled guests and employees.


Local productions are encouraged by ensuring quality and food safety without compromising the comfort of our guests staying in our PARKIM AYAZ hotel.

It is ensured that the purchased products are produced in and around Bodrum or supplied from local suppliers. With this method, it contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions in international targets during the transportation of products.

Local products and services are preferred instead of imported products in our hotel. In addition, seasonal products are used.

It is a priority for us that the suppliers we work with have Quality Assurance Systems, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, internationally accepted and sustainability certificates, have no harmful effects on the environment in production and supply, and comply with environmental legislation.

It is important that our supplier companies, like us, use their resources appropriately without harming the natural life and ecosystem, and comply with hunting bans.

It is necessary to have established systems to minimize and manage wastes and to be able to suggest less packaging / bulk packaging alternatives.

Our supplier companies; environmentally friendly, economical, giving importance to local ethical values, using recyclable or recycled materials, organic, bio, vegan, not tested on animals, not containing harmful chemical components, etc. It is important to us that they offer alternatives.


We share our point of view with our suppliers and try to create efficient purchasing opportunities with our suppliers . By monitoring our supply processes , we aim to reduce the environmental impacts arising from the process .


In order to fulfill both our responsibilities towards nature and our legal obligations , we follow national and international laws and regulations , voluntarily carry out studies that will reduce energy use and continuously improve energy consumption performance , and monitor the results of our studies .

We set targets , follow up and improve them , and encourage our employees to contribute with the trainings provided .

All our stakeholders are important to us in energy management. We try to act together with our guests, employees and all business partners in this regard, and we attach importance to producing projects that create awareness.

While making purchases , we take care to find energy efficient products , equipment , equipment and technology alternatives .

Energy risks and emergencies such as energy restrictions have been evaluated by our hotel and necessary precautions have been taken .

We always follow innovations in energy efficiency and direct our investments.